Orr Fellowship is Your Company’s Talent Pipeline

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Orr Fellowship actively recruits top seniors from over 25 colleges and universities throughout the Midwest, making it easy for partner companies to hire exceptional talent. We target students with excellent academic backgrounds, demonstrated leadership, and/or impactful life experiences who will have earned degrees in business, liberal arts, or STEM fields. Diversity and inclusion are prioritized throughout our organization, including the recruitment process.

Join an Elite Group of Local Businesses

Accept an invitation to become an Orr partner company and join a network of over 60 impressive and interesting businesses in the general Indianapolis area. Many companies take advantage of new corporate and personal connections.

Orr partner companies include dynamic, high-growth businesses of all sizes and industries, including start-ups, scale-ups, and well-established firms.

Interested companies may apply year-round. Invitations to become an Orr partner company for the upcoming class of Fellows are extended in late summer/early fall.

Orr Fellowship Provides Growth and Development for Fellows

Orr Fellows take part in a variety of continued learning experiences throughout their two years in the program, including monthly business leader speaker series events, skills workshops, case competitions, nonprofit consulting, and more. This programming expands the knowledge and skills of Fellows, allowing them to develop quickly and contribute to their companies' success.

Two-Year Commitments

Partner Companies

Ongoing engagement from CEO and general executive support of Orr Fellowship

Challenging work for Fellows

Opportunities for multiple job roles or various job functions within a role

Full-time salary (paid by company, amount set by Orr) and standard company benefits

Orr Fellowship PTO (primarily fall recruitment of the next class & a couple retreats) + standard company PTO

Quarterly dues per Fellow ($1,250 paid to Orr)

Orr Fellows

Provide great work with a positive attitude for partner companies

Annually recruit the next class of exceptional Fellows

Serve as positive representatives of Orr Fellowship in the community

Actively engage in the Orr Fellowship program

How Orr Fellow Recruitment Works

Orr Fellowship vets applicants through multiple rounds of review by Fellows, Orr staff, and Board members in order to bring the top talent to our partner companies. Orr takes the initial effort of acquiring and vetting applicants out of your hiring process.


Current Orr Fellows lead campus and virtual recruiting efforts including career fairs, class presentations, information sessions, social media, and email marketing in order to recruit a pool of over 1,400 qualified applicants.


Orr Fellowship staff and Board members interview nearly 400 qualified candidates.


The top ~200 candidates are invited to a large networking event. They interact with Fellows and alumni and the following day are asked to submit a personal statement, essay, and Predictive Index assessment.


Companies review the vetted candidates and submit their ranked list of desired interviewees. A combination of the candidates who stood out in the Orr recruitment process and those highly requested by companies are then invited to Finalist Day in early November.


Orr Fellowship schedules each company to interview 8 candidates on Finalist Day. Offers are extended by Orr on behalf of the companies that evening.


Fellows begin full-time work at their companies soon after graduation. December graduates start in January, and May graduates start in June.

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